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+ Flexible ISV Solutions

+ AWS Marketplace Agency

+ Software Reselling Services

+ Billing and PAYG Metering

+ Procurement Support Services

+ AWS Reporting & Insights



Our cost-effective value-added solutions for ISVs and procuring organizations ensure the smooth onboarding of software solutions and effective representation across the established cloud marketplaces.

We are a premier minority-owned business entity (MBE)

Flexible ISV Solutions
  • ISV representation for US and non-US vendors

  • Private offers intermediation

  • Software reselling services for marketplaces not active on AWS

AWS Marketplace agency services
  • Account setup

  • End-to-end AWS account management services

  • Onboarding of new software products

  • Day to day listings management

  • Customization of listings to meet marketplace requirements

  • Troubleshooting and follow up with AWS Ops

  • Customer communications and feedback

  • New offers support to ensure customer transactions are seamlessly executed

  • Alerts and timely notifications to ensure customer satisfaction 
  • Channel-wide financial and operational dashboards

  • API integration for seamless reporting on sales and subscriptions​

Billing and PAYG metering
  • Usage metering for PAYG solutions

  • Customer billing reconciliations between usage and disbursements

  • Follow up on outstanding disbursements

Procurement support services
  • Support for buying organizations to align solutions and budget

  • Negotiations with ISVs

  • Financing options advisory services

  • Documentation management

  • Deployment support

Cost savings
  • AWS account audits

  • Billing reconciliations

  • Negotiations on past-due bills

  • Advisory


We work with many leading ISVs and global organizations spanning multiple industries, including retail, CPG, medical devices, financial services and software.


We are eager to partner with your organization. Please leave us a note here:

We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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